Child Support

Child Support: Caring for Children Financially

Alabama child support guidelines are based on three factors: Each parent's gross income, the cost of medical insurance and the cost of day care.

Why You Need an Experienced Attorney

Anyone can plug numbers into the formula and calculate the recommended amount of child support. It takes an experienced family law attorney, however, to persuade the court to allow a child support payment that is more favorable to the client.

At Burttram & Henderson, our lawyers have been assisting clients with child support concerns for more 30 years. We understand the law and we know which judges may accept variations from state guidelines.

Working Toward Your Goal

Whether you want to maximize the amount of child support you receive or minimize the amount you pay, our family law attorneys will work to achieve your goal.

First, we will make certain that the numbers we put into the child support formula are complete and accurate. Next, we will explore areas in which we may request that the court vary from state guidelines.

For example, if the parents share physical custody of the children to a greater extent than is normal, child support obligations may be reduced.

Reasons for Deviating from the Recommendations

Some reasons for deviating from the standard child support recommendations include:

  • Parents share physical custody of the children
  • One parent pays the transportation costs required for visitation
  • One parent pays college expenses
  • The child has assets or unearned income
  • One parent pays the mortgage of the other so the children can remain in the family home

Enforcing and Modifying Child Support Payments

In addition to establishing child support payments, our attorneys can help you enforce or modify court-ordered child support payments.

Do not stop paying support without getting a modification to the court order — even if your former spouse agrees to the arrangement.

To discuss your concerns about child support, please contact our family law firm for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.