Military Family Law

Military Divorce and Family Law

Attorneys who have never served in the military can have a difficult time grasping the nuances of military family law issues. At Burttram & Henderson, we have insight into these issues that can only come from serving in the armed forces.

Attorney Bruce Burttram served in the U.S. Army Reserves, from 1974 until 1998, retiring as a full colonel. We are honored to provide effective military family law representation to service members and their families.

We Speak Your Language and Respect Your Service

You won't have to explain to us what a leave and earning statement (LES) is or how temporary duty status (TDY) or hazardous duty pay can complicate issues such as property division or child support payments in military divorce. We know how to account for military benefits and pensions and understand the intersection between military law and family law.

Working With You Across Great Distances

Whether you are stationed in the U.S. or abroad, please contact us for a free consultation and evaluation of your military divorce or family law matter. Our lawyers offer effective representation through e-mail contact with clients who are physically located thousands of miles away from our Birmingham office.

The Challenges Facing Military Families

Members of the military make great personal sacrifices to protect and defend our country. Sadly, their marriages and family lives are frequently a casualty of war or extended deployments. Even the best marriages can crumble under the pressure.

If you are a member of the military facing any family law issue, from military divorce to paternity to modification of child support payments, please contact us to discuss your case. We offer a free consultation and case evaluation.